Current Job Openings

Qualifications *High School Diploma / G.E.D. *F-02 Certificate of Fitness, C.P.R./Basic First Aid certification *Ability to establish and maintain professional boundaries in working with residents *General knowledge of working in a residential facility preferred *Knowledge of H.I.P.P.A. guidelines and standards *Strong written and verbal communication skills *Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills *Commitment to excellence and high standards *Good judgment with the ability to make timely and sound decisions *Ability to assess emergencies and respond effectively 
Responsibilities: *The Residence Worker is responsible for, but is not limited to: *Monitor the clients, units, and grounds always to ensure the security and safety of each resident *Enforce shelter policies and follow staff policies and procedures *Perform general administrative functions such as noting within the communication log, documenting resident whereabouts, behaviors, and engagement *Assist clients with questions and helps to resolve any issue as they may arise *Examine all items entering the facility to ensure client and staff safety *Monitor video footage of all hallways, staircases, lounge, and other common areas *Adhere to safety, health, and fire hazard guidelines; policies, and procedures; and the mission and values of the organization *Conduct hourly rounds of the facility *Report any immediate safety hazards to appropriate supervisory personnel or maintenance personnel *Work with security personnel to ensure the safety of staff and residents in the program. *Empty, clean, and prepare units for vacancies (bag and tag client materials where needed) *Document all incident details, participants, action taken, and outcomes *May be required to work evenings, weekends, and holidays as needed *Professional & Personal 

Salary: $50,000